The Pros And Cons Of Infanticide

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One of the most serious crimes in United Kingdom is known as Infanticide. Infanticide means due to some social-economical pressure the mother kills her own child. Until 20th century the intentional killing of children consider as a murder. The Infanticide Act 1922 first created for mothers the lesser crime of infanticide, by the course of child birth if the state of her mind was upset and if the death involved a newly born child. Previously the law of Infanticide was governed by the Infanticide Act 1922 but now it is replaced by Infanticide Act 1938 . According to the existing law, Infanticide Act 1938 requires a mother either by an omission or any wilful act kills her own child who is less than twelve months. The stated of the mind of the mother must be distressed during that period. Therefore, the mother would be sentenced of an offence equal to manslaughter . Infanticide can be considered as a defence as well.…show more content…
It can include evidence confined in any document, exhibit or other thing linked with the proceedings. It is not limited to evidence or material arising, found or uncovered after the trial and can contain matters that were available before trial but were simply not known about or exposed. Normally, fresh evidence comprises of something which on the face of it challenges the evidence of a witness, usually but not limited to complainant, but also includes matters such as advances in medical or forensic science . In R v Kai white wind because it could not make the slightest difference the so called fresh evidence did not advance the appellants. The judges found nothing to doubt the safety of the conviction . The offender appealed that the conviction was not safe based on three stage test found in R v Cannings (Angela) . In Cannings, the defendant was sentenced of murdering three of her babies however she appealed against killing conviction and her appeal was

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