The Pros And Cons Of Information Age

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Every time I am waiting for the bus or while I am at the subway, I take out my phone and open my Facebook .After getting bored, I open Twitter or Instagram or Tumblr. When I am done with all the apps on my phone, I take some time to look around to see what other people are doing. Not surprisingly, 4 out of 5 people have their eyes set on the phones with their head hung. The 5th person is just taking a break from his phone and looking around. This is the reflection of so called Information Age. Everyone is drifting to this direction and so am I. It makes me wonder, am I making efficient use of the technology we have today? Are these social sites only useful to peek into others ' lives? Instead of talking to the person in the same room face to face, I talk to them via Facebook. Sure, these sites have made it easier to catch up with my old friends again but what about my social life? Moreover, I spend my free time stalking others and swiping up and down. Sometimes, I think Facebook and other social sites have brought more harm than good to my life. My academic performances and social interaction have been negatively affected by these media. But everything has its pros and cons. Imagine if everyone used their time to do something productive instead of wasting their time swiping, then our life would be more worthwhile. So I began to look for ways to make good use of the social media we have today. It would be great if I could make my life productive using these cool and

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