Essay On Insanity In Public Schools

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Insanity. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”-Einstein. Now that is, crazy. The first time somebody told me that, I was shocked; this philosophical point of view was valid. But what topic am I talking about? Isn’t it obvious? School! Everyday students are both ridiculed and compelled to go to school. They are troubled by said thoughts however don’t realize it. The thoughts of home may fill ones mind, yet something takes it away from them, an absolute force. This force can come up as many things such as; Teachers, Books, lessons and etc. But why? Why keep us in such an insatiable place? Do we learn anything? Cant we just do all of this at home? All public schools do, is crowd out the private…show more content…
Just imagine how much this number would rise if not for public schools. There is no doubt in my mind that without public schooling, education would become less expensive There is nothing taught in public schools today that cannot be learned in a public library or on the Internet. In early childhood education, even public school teachers will encourage parents to read to their children. Why? Because it is the most effective way for children to learn to read, through practice. We are still using a 19th century system as education I don't believe we as teens/kids should be forced to go to school. Mostly due to the fact that, school isn't teaching us how to live, in fact school, just makes us feel more intimated, because people look at the fact that 'we're still learning'. We shouldn't be taught that society is everything we need in life, society is made up. People will fit in to where they feel they should fit in to, it's just nature to be were your truly meant to be. School doesn't teach us about taxes, bills, or actually making money, or ways to have a positive life, or ways to make others happy and yourself happy. Instead we've just been taught that, the only thing that resurrects our life's is working. There's so much more to life than
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