The Pros And Cons Of Instagram

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Of all Instagram ads, 25% of them are single videos. Although the most common ads on Instagram are photo ads, video ads have now been gaining a lot of traction.
 Engagements With Posts – Whereas, an Instagram post allows a maximum of 30 hashtags, research suggests that 11 hashtags turn out to have the optimum results. Nevertheless, Instagram posts having at least a single hashtag generate 12.6% more engagements compared to those without. This gives rise to an estimated 70% of hashtags on Instagram speaking about brands. For a more tangible result, about 30% of Instagram users were able to purchase an item they first encountered on the platform.
Instagram continues to promote the usage of its geotagging feature that it is no longer surprising
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Time-lapse videos involve a series of still shots captured over a certain period, and after which, woven together and fast-tracked them as a video. You will have choices for your preferred video speed. The app has a built-in image stabilization, implying that you need not have to worry about retaining your hands in a still position while taking the video (available free for iOS).
 iMovie – is the mobile app version of the Mac app for video creations. It has more advanced controls such as the addition of filters and video enhancement effects like fast forward playing, split screen, and slow motion (available free for iOS).
How to Market Your Business on Instagram:
Whether your social media marketing strategy requires updating or you are yet a newbie to social media marketing or social media networking, you will surely find these following tips on how to apply and master Instagram for your business satisfactorily useful:
 Exhibit Your Creativity On The Platform – Do not hide what you do; show it in a more creative way. Concentrate on solutions you offer, and never about the goods you sell.
It is important on Instagram to add value to your target audience and look good while you do your way. Always think about and put a premium on visual content, which is your most significant asset (and failure) on

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