The Pros And Cons Of Integrative Therapy

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“Therapy (psychotherapy) is the process of working with a licensed therapist to develop positive thinking and coping skills to treat mental health issues such as mental illness and trauma.” Psychological therapies can generally fall into some of these categories: behavioral therapies, which concentrate on behavior; humanistic therapies, which concentrate on self-improvement; arts therapies, which use creative arts within the therapeutic process. Some psychologists use a form of "integrative" therapy, which focuses on drawing on and blending particular types of techniques together. Others may work in an "eclectic" way, which focuses on taking elements of various models and merging them while working with patients. Talking with a therapist or…show more content…
“The approach is described as “integrative” when different art techniques are intentionally used in combination with traditional medicines to promote improved health.”
Like any treatment, there are limitations to expressive therapy in treatment and intervention. While expressive therapies have been applied to all age groups, to most mental and therapeutic issue, and to diverse settings, there are customers who may not benefit by these modalities for different reasons. In the first place, a few people, often adults, might be unwilling to take part in an expressive modality in treatment since they believe that they are not "innovative" or can't create something that is "imaginative."
Therapists starting expressive activities as interventions may furthermore experience resistance to engage by clients who see themselves as unfit to utilize imagination, who are on edge about self-expression, or who are impervious to active participation. Moreover, and ironically, those individuals with wide involvement in art, music, or dance will not be able to give up on learned rules about self-expression and might be repressed in their spontaneity in therapy when requested to express themselves in a specific

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