The Pros And Cons Of Intellectual Property Rights

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Intellectual property rights: IPR is a collective term for a bunch of laws that protect investment in intellectual assests Copyright- copyright Is a personal and assignable legal right, which is given to the originator for a certain number of years, to publish, print, film , perform, or record literary, artistic, or musical material. The following copyright Acts are repealed:
Copyright Act 1912;
Copyright Act 1933;
Copyright Act 1935;
Copyright Act 196
Copy right ACT 1912- copy rights protects original dramatic, films, artistic, musical works, arrangements of published editions and sound recordings. People who are dancers or artists or musicians or any other type of performer all have the right to refuse unauthorized taping or filming which is known as rights in performances.
The legal aspects of copyright is to give a good access to the society in order to encourage innovation and research, also to encourage more creativity. Copyright also have the rights for reproduction, rights for distribution, rights for public performance and modification or adaptions
Copyright infringement- this is when someone copies someone elses work without the permission of that person. Ways to prevent copyrights is to make sure that all work are original, Patent: patents are

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