The Pros And Cons Of Intelligence

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What is intelligence? I think everyone is very curious how intelligent you are. Intelligence is about how you learn from your own experience, how you understand new and complicated ideas, how you solve the obstacles, how you apply what you have learn with one’s environment and many others aspects. Intelligence normally can be divided into two main parts which are traditional intelligence and modern intelligence. Traditional intelligence can be divided into seven main components which included inductive reasoning, memory, numerical acuity, spatial perception, perceptual speed, verbal comprehension and word influence.
What is intelligence test? Intelligence test also known as psychological test which function as to measure the result of mental functions. Reasoning, comprehension and judgment are the examples of intelligence test. How can measure the different intelligence and levels of intelligences? The IQ (intelligence quotient) test is a standard test which is measuring human intelligence in different part. The IQ score shows the strengths and weaknesses of an individual in different parts. The first intelligence test was developed by Binet and Théophile Simon. It is used to make sure that education is suitable to children of different level of capability. From psychometrics aspects, Victor Henri, Binet proposed tests to assess in “higher mental faculties” among individuals.
Finally, what is psychometric test? Psychometric test can be defined as the
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