The Importance Of Intention To Leave In The Workplace

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One of the major aims of organisations is to retain the best of their workers in order to benefit from their ability, skills and knowledge (Cortese, 2012). While performing their duties, some employees come across various problems inside the workplace and these problems somehow may increase high intentions to leave their jobs. Intention to leave is described as a psychological and emotional process (Imran, Asghar, Irfan, Hashim, & Ur, 2010). It is hard for many researchers to comprehend such thinking but it has been defined as a sensitive and considerate grate to actually leave the organization (Imranet al, 2010).

Hussain, Yunus, Ishak, and Daud, (2013) observed that some intentions to leave have caused high levels of turnover
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Bullying behaviours generate feelings of defencelessness in the victim and considerably undermine employee’s right to self-worth as well as dignity within the workplace (Glambek et al, 2014).
Van den Broeck, Baillien, and De Witte (2011) posited that it is assumed that those individuals who receive bullying in the workplace will likely show higher levels of job insecurities about the future survival within the company as well as content of their job, and increased willingness to evacuate the workplace
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(Retrieved August 24, 2007 from: by Dlamini, 2010).
Moreover, Simons (2008) examined workplace bullying as well as its relationship to nurses’ intention to leave the organisation. Out of five hundred and eleven percent respondents, thirty one percent reported being bullied at work and as the bullying rate increased so did the probability of nurses leaving the organisation. Therefore, the main question this study seeks to address is whether the relationship between workplace bullying and job engagement could be the contributing factor towards the departure of nurses from the profession or the intention thereof within the Chris Hani district in the Eastern Cape.
4. Aim of Research
The overall aim for the present research is to establish the relationship and connection between workplace bullying and job engagement and how they impact on intention to leave.
5. Objectives of the study
Specific objectives and purposes of this research are as

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