The Pros And Cons Of Interfaith Marriage

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Interfaith Marriage is Labeled as “ Born Dead “, Effectively interfaith marriage may create positive or negative reaction or both. Some refute interfaith marriage, mainly because of the many problem the couple would encounter with time, other would support it for it a source of flourishment and mutual enrichment between communities. An anonymous person posted on a that Hillel Mailing list that “Different religious beliefs make for bad company”(1990) , When obviously in other views Rev. Tom Chulak, Unitarian-Universalist minister said “… unity within diversity adds a richness and beauty to marriage and to life.” It seem as though the world cannot see in a interfaith relationship but the religion aspect especially when it is a Muslim woman…show more content…
With time and age, and in the absence of strong religious convictions, the appeal of the primary roots and custom of his ancestors are increasingly felt in him. And in a secular marriage solely based on feelings, which does not care at all about the origin of religion, or partially by promises, the main conflicts arise after the last phase of passionate love in the marriage and when the first child come into the world. ;even if the couple’s life may seem problem-free , with no significant difficulties , the arrival of children is likely to increase the tension in the family, Parents suddenly discover a new meaning to their life and a deep desire to return to their original religion. This is when the major ideological differences and struggles come to light in the couple especially on how to educate the children.When it comes to their children , each spouse wants to give the best education he could and what he think is the most appropriate; most of the time it means that the parent wants his child to grow in the similar way he grew up believing that the education he received in his environment is best, hence , causing tension between the two spouses . Thus ,this is the paradoxe where a couple try to be ‘’one’’ but still is “two”. Thus antagonist of interfaith marriage would stick to their point of view.

However, we can’t affirm that interfaith marriages are a bad idea ;indeed some interfaith marriage may not work, but some will .

The degree of differences and amount of conflict may vary widely from family to family. As El-Ghobashy states “ Muslim women are divided by national origin , generation , class status, level of religious observance, level of education , and political observance”

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