The Pros And Cons Of International Law

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Law is a principle which binds a part of the society silmutaneously in their devotion for customs and values. Customs and values both indulgent in allowing people to create legal relations of their own with rights and obligations, while in the making of contracts, and coercion is use to punishes people who violated the law. Law consists of a set of rules that govern the behavior , and reflect , to some extent, the ideas and preoccupations of society in its function. Within the law system, some parties, whether there be individuals or companies, granted rights and obligation authorized by the law. In this manner, a person may sue or being sued for every legal circumstances and a company can litigate the company matter to the court .
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The dispute concerns about containment of documents, data and other property by representatives of Australia which belongs to Timor‑Leste and the rightful country has the right to take it back under international law. Because the court has indicated that Australia, the country which taking the documents rightfully possessed by Timor Leste, were proven to be violating international law and the sovereign rights of Timor Leste under their domestic law, then the dispute ended with several decisions which prompted Australia to immediately return the documents to the rightful owner and provide satisfaction regarding the violation they have done . There are still a various cases which handled by the International Court of Justice that ended up satisfying for one party but not prejudicial to others.
With every cases ended with always upholding peace and stability, international law rather than called as binding law, it is more suitable to be called as a persuasive authority as international law following the fundamental commodities and values of rooted national law, thus the resort to international norms assures national rule of law continue accordingly adjusted in the matters of those commodities and values
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