Why Is Internet Piracy Wrong

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People have discovered ways to gain free access to intellectual properties via the internet. Piracy has seemingly become a threat to the economy of companies that own an intellectual product because it causes them to lose their profit. Internet Piracy gives people access to media without having them pay and allows them the comfort of just downloading a file or even streaming from the internet.Piracy is considered by most as morally wrong and degrading the quality and reputation of certain intellectual properties.

Internet piracy is an immoral act which has been thought of as equal to stealing.People who work should not have their effort taken for granted such as having their work acquired by others for free in a convenient way such as the
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Higher fan base will give the company higher profit through popularity of their productions. People who like their productions would be willing to pay them. The TV show “Game Of Thrones” has become the most pirated TV show in 2012 according download results on Torrent sites such as TorrentFreak with approximately 4,280,000 downloads but one of the directors, David Petrarca, says he does not mind as it helps the show gain more fame from the internet and the production company HBO has made even more profit from the popularity of the show. Viewers who have been exposed to free material may recognize the works of its producers and pay for their future distributions creating more profit for the producers. People feel more satisfied if they pay for products from the producers they love even though they have acquired it for free once in their lifetime and could do it again. Warner Bros. uses piracy data to determine what people may be demanding from their studios using piracy to their advantage while being against piracy itself.(Kaplan,2013) Piracy can preserve the existence of certain intellectual products through files stored on computers and websites. Intellectual properties can be lost in time but piracy increases the chance having them stored on different computers, sites, or other digital storing devices. It is important for intellectual properties to be preserved so people from future generation could see how they were in the
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