Multiracial Adoption Research Paper

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Everyone has an opinion and different beliefs on almost every topic, in which one of the most controversial topics is adoption. In adoption, people believe that race matters due to their ethical or cultural beliefs; however race does not matter because every child needs a loving home. Additionally, studies of multiracial families show that kids are more aware of their culture, as well as they are more like the community around them, then their ethnic background. There are many adoption agencies, and others with the beliefs that kids need to be with parents of the same ethnicity because it would provide the child with more cultural awareness, as well as it would prevent children from the danger and backlash they might get from others. In…show more content…
Social workers like to match children with parents that are of the same ethnicity because they believe it will help them, it states, “Meanwhile, the social workers search for homes that will supposedly promote these children's "cultural awareness"--never mind the other ingredients, such as love and stability, that make childhood and life fulfilling.” (Source C). Showing how many think the children should be placed with people of the same race, because they would fit into the community better; additionally it is where “they belong”. Social workers are only doing this because it would better the community, rather than thinking about the type of household it is and if it is safe. It has been shown that a person of adoption acts more like the people around them, unlike popular belief, it states, “Given this social power, an adopted person of color navigates her self-formed identity among her affiliated communities, her family, and herself.” (Source A). If a child, of any race, grows up in a community, it is more common, they would be similar to those around them, rather than the stereotypes they may portray, due to their racial identity. Research has also shown, and proved, that children of transracial adoption will not be any different personality wise and they are like everyone else; however…show more content…
A child was in a dangerous situation,when a mother got custody over her son it states, “The judge rejected a foster mother's petition for adoption, stating that an African-American child would be better off with an African-American parent.” (Source D). A child was not allowed to stay with his foster family because they were of a different race; therefore he had to go back to his mother, who was recently in jail and who had killed her infant baby. Putting the kid in a dangerous situation where he could potentially die, all because the judge was against a transracial adoption. As a result of people’s beliefs and views, there are a lot of kids in color in agencies, it states, “More than 550,000 children are now in foster care in the United States, and many of them are African-American. Studies show that black boys are the least likely to be adopted and often "age out" of foster care at 18.” (Source E).Some kids are not fortunate to leave the foster care system because of controversial beliefs; therefore they live in these unsafe environments until they turn 18 and leave. These opinions also cause for more and more children of color to be in the systems, resulting in increased difficulty in adoptions. There are numerous amounts people with strong opinions and beliefs on whether a transracial adoption should be allowed, while others have no

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