Teacher's Perceptions

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Research Question

What are the perceptions of teachers at St Dunstan’s College regarding the iPad implementation of the Grade 8 students at St Dunstan’s College?


This research aims to find out how the teachers feel about the Grade 8 iPad implementation at St Dunstan’s College. iPad implementation in this research refers to, “ if the work when given by a teacher on iPad’s is actually completed.” Perceptions in this research refers to, “reactions, emotions and attitude of the teachers.”

The iPad implementation plan came into action approximately 2 years ago. The aim of this implementation was to save paper as well as increase the technological status of the school in terms of the students. With this the teachers at
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Academic articles are often published after a long research task; students and lecturers in universities publish these types of articles. This information is reliable is it is published on The Pennsylvania State Universities website which makes it a reliable source and useful factor contributing to this research task.

Limitations: This article contains many limitations, as it is clearly a factual article there is no research based on it. Although the article is based purely on statistics and facts there is not self-conducted research that limits the amount of information give to this research task. This article is written by two American people who in some cases might not have any relevance to the South African technological advancements. The other limitation in this article would be the lack of opinion and humanly thinking in the article, which makes it harder for the research task to relate to the article as the research task involves human perceptions and views.

Validity: This source is suitable because it give the general facts of technology and the perceptions and impacts in performance of learners and the adaptability and teaching of teachers. This fits in with the topic chosen which means that it is valid for this research task. It also contains one of the aims in the research
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This is reliable as it is an international source, which can be used by researchers all around the world. It is also known to be reliable as universities are know to have certain standards in order to publish an article, for the article to be published the level of language as well as research must exceed the standard requirements.

Limitations: The age group in which this experiment was tested was too young to show an increase in academic performance. The age group tested was grade six; this is an age group, which hasn’t reached the peak of their academic performance. This experiment is also an international experiment, which makes it in some ways not relatable to South Africans. This would be different as the lifestyle, languages and overall understanding of technology is a step behind in 3rd world countries.

Validity: This experiment was published in 2011, which makes it current. It is valid because it is the aligned with the aims of this research task as it aimed to find out if the use of technology affects performance, in this article it was proven that technology affects performance and productivity in and negative way: hampers productivity, children would play games instead to completing their work and positively: increases knowledge on technology and what is in the
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