The Pros And Cons Of Jesus Deity In Christianity

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Who Christ is whether he was divine human or something in between has been the cause of controversy through the centuries with many denying or minimizing his living fleshy, bodily incarnation or deity as God or the same substance as God. During Jesus lifetimes Pharisees, Sadducees and the lay did not not readily attribute to deity to Jesus. Some groups such as Pharisees and Sadducees perceived Jesus’ claims to deity as blasphemous and used these claims along with maleficent false accusations as a cause to persecute and murder him. A few years later the apostle John in his epistles to the Church is defending the fleshly incarnation of Christ against critics and those who wish to detract from the complete incarnation of Christ. In the following several centuries there were other controversies surround who Christ was such as Nestorianism, Apollinarianism, and Arianism. These controversies within Christianity were resolved through multiple ecumenical councils, which affirm Christs 100% deity and his 100% humanity. This short essay will provide evidence for the affirmation that Christ is the complete and total deity of God in human form using the Gospel of John, his epistles, and the general epistles.
Jesus’ Deity In Hebrews
The author of The Epistle to the Hebrews in the beginning of Hebrews starts with “After God spoke long ago in various portions and in various ways to our ancestors through the prophets, 2 in these last days he has spoken to us in a son, whom he

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