The Pros And Cons Of Judicial Punishment

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The average person today would most likely accept the barbaric act of execution, as an ordinary part of judicial punishments. It’s approved because those given the sentence are “monsters”, and they’re the only one who suffers from the act. However, those who follow fall under that train of thought are both morally and logically wrong. All bias ideas aside you must take notice of the mass amounts of innocent people sentenced monstrous crimes rather pleading to changes out of fear, or simply being extremely lucky and have fallen under those treacherous circumstances. You could only imagine, the thousands of innocent civilians just like you, killed by our government. There’s no need to be put in there shoes to feel the damage, once tax season comes, you’ll get more than the taste of death when the government has to take a healthy portion of your yearly earnings to pay for this act against humanity. Those who are pro-execution have a completely justifiable reason to be in agreement with this practice, that reason being that the evilest is served the worst punishment, death. It may come to their surprise that the majority of those sentenced to death were wrongfully convicted. That’s basically saying it’s fair enough for the government to kill me, or that someone is blameworthy for the government to kill me, or kill you. There’s no guarantee that someone is sinful, even with modern forensics, everytime we carry out an execution, we’re flipping a coin of chance, the

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