Are Juveniles Cruel

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Many people believe that it is cruel to charge juveniles with life sentences but, many like myself believe that if they committed the crime they should actually go to prison and serve life. People say that it’s not right to do that because we may not know what their situation may be or they probably didn't know what they were doing but, they obviously had a plan they just didn't out of nowhere just go and kill that person. The supreme court ruled in 2012 that juveniles could not be sentenced to life in prison because it violated the eighth amendment. In my opinion, this isn't cruel something that would be cruel, would be giving juveniles the death penalty that is called being cruel. I agree with the four justices, that strongly disagreed, I think it’s right because why should a juvenile that was actually proven to committing be given a second chance to go out into the real world sure they could have changed but, what if they are just saying that to get out. In my opinion, I think that if you committed a felony you…show more content…
An article that made me change my mind is one by Jennifer Jenkins in which she talks about how her youngest sister was murdered by a teenager in which many people defended by saying that teens brains aren't fully developed and how easily it is for the youth to get weapons here in America. In the article Jenkins wrote about how a friend of the criminal testified that the criminal said this was one of his “thrill kills” this just proves that the criminal was definitely planning it and it wasn't because of brain development, he allegedly wanted to “see what it would feel like to shoot someone” this means he intentionally did it because of the “curiosity” he had
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