The Pros And Cons Of K-12 Education In The Philippines

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According to Dr. Jose Rizal “Ang kabataan ang siyang pag-asa ng bayan” that’s why education should be plan wisely. Having a good quality of education is having a powerful community; if people in the community are educated then economy will be better. If we want to have a better economy of coarse we should have knowledge and skillful graduates that industry needs. To meet the goal we must improve our education system and the key to that is to implement and support k-12

K-12 was implementing starting 2011 and by 2013 president Aquino signed the k-12 into law, adding 3 years to country basic education curriculum.
The new k-12 curriculum guide requires all Filipino students to have one year kindergarten six years of elementary schooling grade 1 to 6 ,
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As you can see the Philippines education is not that good and to improve our education system is through k-12. There are many pro arguments for k-12 program first is enhancing the quality education. This is very much needed here in our country, as stated before we have a poor educational system. Through k-12 our standards of education higher can be add more to our present curriculum therefore we can add to the stude3nts knowledge, next is preparation for students to work, its true not every one who finish high school in the Philippines will go to college most high school will look for a job after they graduate and most of them around 16 -18 years old therefore to young to earn living last is current curriculum will be “loosened”. This is because 12 years of education is crammed into only 10 years this can stress a student would have a less stressful, albeit a longer time in school (padre
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