Mass Killing In Rwanda

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The United Nations has taken a pledge to aid any country where a genocide or acts of genocide are occuring. In Rwanda’s current state, approximately 170,000 people have perished, innocent men women and children, by the hands of the Hutu rebel group. At this rate, in another 140 days, the entire Tutsi population will be eliminated. This ongoing rivalry has led the two groups to blame each other for every dilemma that has occured in Rwanda. This rivalry climaxed on April 6th when the Hutu president, Juvenal Habyarimana died in a plane crash, and the Hutus blamed the Tutsi Rebel Group (the RPF) for his death. Since Belgium held control of Rwanda, identification cards had been made, that classified each individual as either a Hutu or Tutsi, …show more content…

A genocide is the act of destroying members of a group, which is what the Hutus were doing to the Tutsis. The UN said that there were ‘acts of genocide’ occuring in Rwanda, but by the definition of genocide, any one of the acts of genocide means that the event is a genocide. The Rwandan incident shows “a) Killing members of the group, b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group, [and] c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.” Of the 5 acts of genocide, 3 were shown in Rwanda, and even just one of the acts would mean an genocide. There is no such thing as acts of genocide, since any act of genocide means genocide, which was stated by the UN. Additionally, by article 3 and article 4, all the people accountable for the Rwandan genocide are subject to punishment. This form of punishment needs to come from the UN, since the genocide is a crime under the international law (article 1). Also, General Dallaire contacted the UN headquarters in the extermination stage of genocide (8 stages of genocide). This means that, according to the 8 stages of genocide article, the UN should intervene, and “only rapid and overwhelming armed intervention can stop [the] genocide.” Thus, the UN must respond by intervening with a large armed party since there is a …show more content…

Are you satisfied with the killing? We believe that a peace treaty should be distributed. Without your help it only gets worse and worse everyday. More and more people die, more kids get brutally murdered in front of their families. And all because you are too scared to call it a Genocide because repercussions could develop. But you the United Nation have the power to change what happens. The Hutus are only killing because no one has a reason to stop them. They are killing neighbors, work partners, even family members are being killed. But why? What reason. Is someone going to stop it

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