Ethical Considerations Of Language Translation

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When we leave home base and the culture and security that we believe is universal, there are times when we need someone to show us and to keep us on the correct path. Language translation is sometimes the only thing that we consider, since we recognize that we do not understand even common words in other languages.

Two comments: First, how do you know that the translator is actually saying exactly what you said? Make sure that the translator is from a reputable source, such as your local office (not the hotel, unless you are simply going shopping). Second, the language is only one consideration when laws, regulations, local customs and basically everything is different from back home. You need a guide to assure that you avoid very basic, but troublesome, mistakes.

An American was dealing with a union issue and called a meeting with the union officials to negotiate a resolution. First, he simply chose a young attractive lady from the hotel to act as his translator. The meeting began and after polite introductions were made, the American began a half an hour dissertation on his demands. The “translator” had no real experience and did not interrupt the
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None of us are imbeciles. I suggest that you go back to where you come from and permit someone with more respect and intelligence to handle these discussions!” The American left on the next airplane to New York and made me swear that I would never tell anyone what just
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