Essay On Laser Therapy

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What is laser therapy and how it is used in the treatment of cancer? The laser therapy uses high intensity light to treat cancer and other diseases. Lasers can be used to reduce or destroy tumors or growths precancerous . Lasers are generally used to treat skin cancers (those that are on the surface of the body or in the lining of organs internally) as skin cancer basal cell and some cancers in stages or stages very early in the disease, as cancers of cervix , penis, vaginal , vulva and small-cell carcinoma . Lasers can also be used to relieve certain symptoms of cancer, such as bleeding or obstruction . For example, they can be used to reduce or destroy a tumor that is blocking the trachea or esophagus of a patient. They can also be used…show more content…
The argon laser is commonly used to activate the drugs used in photodynamic therapy. What are the advantages of laser therapy? Lasers are more accurate than conventional surgical instruments (scalpel or knife), so cause less damage to normal tissues. Consequently, patients usually have less pain, bleeding, swelling and scarring. With laser therapy, operations are usually shorter. In fact, laser therapy can often administered to patients on an outpatient basis . Patients takes less time to recover after laser surgery , and have less chance of getting infections . Patients should consult their health care provider to determine if laser therapy is right for them. What are the disadvantages of laser therapy? Laser therapy also has several limitations. Surgeons must have specialized training before they can administer laser therapy and should follow strict safety precautions. Laser therapy is expensive and requires large-scale equipment. Furthermore, the effects of laser therapy can not last for long, so that physicians may have to repeat the treatment for a patient to obtain complete
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