The Pros And Cons Of Liberal Democracy

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Looking after the above realities and information, it is very hard to believe that the history reaches an end. In fact, even more new challenges occur to the democratic values. Although, it is true that the number of democratic countries has been rising up from 35 in 1970 to 120 in 2014, it is unlikely to see that democracy system alone will exist as viable form of human government. John Mearsheimer pointed out some flaws of Fukuyama’s claim by saying that liberal democracy is no on the march. There two notions to mention that spreading democracy and spreading liberal democracy are different. Spreading democracy alone is not enough enough but it needs to spread the concept of liberalism also. He clarified his claims with what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. The United States is spreading democracy but it fails because it missed to spread liberalism and in deed spreading liberalism is really a difficult task.
Even it seems Francis Fukuyama is not consistent to what he said. he recently claimed that unless there is a strong state, democracy can not in place. The three institutions are necessary to have a modern liberal democracy country. Namely,
1. State
A state is a legitimate monopoly of power over a defined territory. (Max Weber)
2. Rule of Law
Rule of Law is a set of agreed upon rules of justice.
3. Accountability (Democratic procedure)
A substantive accountability is a true responsiveness above political system to the interest of the whole society as

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