Lillium Jet Case Study

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Since the start of industrialization and then modernization, the world has seen steep increase in the world’s population and many are flocking to the urban areas as it provides more opportunities than the rural areas do, which means that more and more cities are becoming congested and the traffic in the streets are getting worse. You may take a look at the world’s most popular cities, such as Paris and London, with high influx of tourist, the streets are also full of cars and the milling people around makes the traffic flow even heavier. Everyone has experienced a traffic so heavy that you want to rip your hair off in great frustration and if you are working or going to school during the rush hour, you can expect to get stuck for hours in the streets. However, heavy traffic is not frustrating and time-consuming, it can also hurt a country’s economy since the delivery of products and services get delayed which can increase and decrease the price level of a certain industry, not to mention…show more content…
Until today, despite successful prototype testing, there are still many skeptics about the ability of Lilium jet to achieve vertical flight but in order to achieve this, the team has engineered a perfectly light yet efficient 36 engines to lift the jet and this is achievable since it is only 600kg two-seater jet. The fan engines are pointing downwards so that when the jet hovers and climbs upward, the fans would turn backwards slowly, which would then push the jet into forward flight. Upon achieving horizontally oriented engines, the aircraft would fly just like a normal plane so it would be easy to navigate especially for experienced pilots. The throttle stick and on-board computer make everything just within your reach. So, aside from being a great innovation, Lilium would always stick with its first and primary goal of giving the utmost convenience for the people. It even includes a whole-craft parachute because safety is the

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