The Pros And Cons Of Lobbying Or Bribery

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Lobbying or Bribery?

To start this off lobbying and bribery must be explained. Lobbying is the act of influencing a political or public official with money in order to gain favor. This is done within the confines of the law and is fully legal. Bribery on the other hand is basically the same thing except it is giving money with the intention of the person doing what you tell them. Bribery is illegal because it usually involves one person with a lot of money paying a politician in order for them to do as told. In truth bribery and lobbying are not very different. But even one being legal and the other one being illegal they both cause some amount of corruption when it comes to politics.

Lobbying the legal substitute for bribery, it has many problems inherently involved with it. When a person or corporation hires a lobbyist the lobbyist workload involves researching current and past legislative and regulatory proposals, while at the same time monitoring and storing information about current governmental issues. They also attend political hearings, and lastly informing the public and political officials. When it comes to lobbying corporations as a whole that pay for lobbyists and their activities spend about 2.6 billion a year. While the amount of money the government spends on the house and senate only amounts to 2 million. As we all know money plays a huge part in politics today, and how can it not when it cost thousands even hundreds of thousands to run a 30 second

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