The Pros And Cons Of Lung Cancer

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Cancer is the second highest leading cause of death in the world; an estimated 8.2 million deaths are caused from cancer. There are many things we could change to keep cancer from creating in our bodies, but many people never actually seem to know the ways that help prevent cancer. Hundreds of people hear about cancer killing people, but most of those hundreds of people do not know that they have been doing the same thing that has caused that person to die from cancer. Many researchers have found daily actions that people do worldwide that eventually lead to cancer, like unhealthy eating, smoking, standing in front of a microwave, eating processed meats, and many more. Most of these actions are the simplest tasks that we can change every day to prevent…show more content…
Also, second hand smoke over time could eventually lead to lung cancer. Therefore, do not smoke ever and it could work to be an effective way of preventing fourteen types of cancer. It is known for being very addictive and that is why many lung cancer cases are mostly from smoking because people become addicted and cannot stop. The longer one smokes, the more damage that it does. Lung cancer survival is one of the lowest of all cancers. The Cancer Research United Kingdom (CRUK) said that “The main way that smoking cause’s cancer is by damaging DNA; it affects genes that protect against cancer. This makes it even more likely that damaged cells will eventually turn cancerous” (CRUK 1). The smoke contains chemicals that cause an increase in DNA mutations. There are over seventy chemicals in cigarette smoke that have been proven to cause cancer. Smokers are also less able to handle toxic chemicals than those with healthy lungs and blood. Chemicals in cigarette smoke make it harder for smokers to remove toxins and can make their immune systems less effective too. Chemicals in

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