The Pros And Cons Of Magazines

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According to Oxford Dictionary, a magazine is a "a periodical publication containing articles and illustrations, often on a particular subject or aimed at a particular readership" (Oxford Dictionary 1). In addition, another definition for a magazine according to Merriam Webster is a “type of thin book with a paper cover that contains stories, essays, pictures, etc., and this is usually published every week or month (Merriam-Webster 1). As magazines were a famous type of medium, “they were a favorite medium of the British elite by the mid-1700s, and two prominent colonial printers hoped to duplicate that success in the New World” (Baran 118). In addition, when magazines first started off they were expensive and were focused towards a few literate…show more content…
In addition, that advertisers are most likely to advertise their products and services to those that would typically respond to them (Baran 125). In general, “magazines are often further specialized through split runs which are special versions of a given issue in which the editorial content and ads vary according to some specific demographic or regional grouping” (Baran 125). There are trends and convergence in magazine publishing. These trends are online magazines, custom magazines, meeting competition from cable television, advertorials, and advertiser influence over magazine…show more content…
There are potentials and opportunities of digital magazines that are: digital magazines can attract readers attention through creative ways of storytelling besides the numerous possibilities of interaction; a tremendous broadcasting potential; read and stored anywhere; can search digital editions; provides readers the change to look (try and buy); can more easily be driven to market niches; can discover new potentially successful business models (Silva

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