The Pros And Cons Of Major Exploration

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Is Major Exploration Worth the Risk? Millions of dollars are constantly being invested into major exploration, but is it worth the risk? Some may say that the major exploration isn’t worth the risk because explorers may die while exploring. Those explorers were innocent people, and exploration meant that their lives would be put at risk. On the other hand, others may dispute that major exploration benefitted the people more than it harmed them. The result of a person’s death allowed scientists and researchers to understand certain conditions and help people on Earth to avoid those causes of death. I believe that major exploration is worth the risk because it could save many people’s lives and could improve safety. To begin with, major exploration is worth the risk because it saves and helps benefit the lives of many people in need. On page 186 of John F. Kennedy’s speech, “Remarks at the Dedication of the Aerospace Medical Health Center”, John stated, “...first, medical space research may open up new understanding of man’s relation to his environment.” In other words, a major …show more content…

Many explorers may lose their lives exploring. For example, up in space, many astronauts may not live through the harsh conditions and could possibly die. Major exploration meant that people were putting their lives at risk. To counter, when a person decided to explore, they know the possible consequences to their choice. Also, if a person dies from exploration, people could learn from the causes of death. Learning from the cause of death, people could find ways to prevent those causes from happening to others. For instance, if one person died due to ocean exploration, millions of others would learn how to prevent and avoid that cause of death. Therefore, though people could die from major exploration, it helps people more than it does

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