The Pros And Cons Of Marijuana Legalization

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Until recently the use of marijuana has been criminalized. In the article “Marijuana Legalization and Decriminalization” it states “Marijuana has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes.” However during its prohibition people were arrested and sent to jail for selling and using it illegally. Alcohol was banned in the 1920’s and the ban was persuaded by the Anti-Saloon League as well as ideas of progressivism and religion. Although both are now legalized and becoming legalized the legalization process is more dissimilar than it is similar because of the uses of the substance's, State vs. Federal position, effects of the movement, processes it went through, and causes of government action. Religion and science played a factor in the banning…show more content…
The “roaring 20’s” parties usually included some type of alcohol involved even though it was during the time period of prohibition. The difference between the alcohol legalization and marijuana legalization is that more people found ways to use the substance and rebutted against the government more during the prohibition of alcohol. In “The Rise and Fall of Prohibition” it states that the prohibition of alcohol was the first time the government limited personal freedom, “The amendment was the first ever to limit citizens’ personal liberties.” The public also found more common ways to get alcohol including bootleggers, people making moonshine, parties that had the substance, and speakeasies. Marijuana was most commonly founded on the black…show more content…
However, alcohol was never used to benefit the individual health wise. Marijuana, once known as cannabis, has been used for medicinal purposes. Which could benefit the individual health wise. Alcohol has been known for impairing an individual. In “The Rise and Fall of Prohibition” scientific studies found the harmful uses of drinking the substances including “alcohol limited motor reaction, caused issues with nerve centers controlling the heart, interfered with digestion, and worsened diseases.” Someone who gets intoxicated by alcohol could not argue that their consuming had any beneficial--health wise--on their
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