The Pros And Cons Of Marijuana Medicine

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Is marijuana medicine? Many people have their own point of view on this topic. Some of their opinions are positive and negative. A study was shown that nearly 80 percent out 56 patients rated marijuana is not effective. While the other percent say it 's effective or simply that marijuana doesn 't do anything at all. First of all, Medical marijuana has its benefits to it, but this doesn’t mean we are going to abuse it. Such as taking advantage of the prescription the doctor might give us for a disease. Anyways, Going back to 1000 years ago marijuana was discovered a medicine. It was actually found by chinese emperor. Marijuana has been legalized in 23 different states.While the other 27 states are still debating whether they should…show more content…
After hearing the pros we might get a positive opinion of marijuana. However there 's also cons, not just positive things. The risk of taking medical marijuana are some patients would take advantage of the prescriptions like I said before. For example, many patients would abuse the marijuana they would use it everyday when maybe it 's only supposed to be taken twice a week. Or another way they could abuse it , is just purchasing the medical marijuana illegal. And the cause of this would be addiction.”marijuana is addictive, leads to harder drug use, interferes with fertility, impairs driving ability, and injures the lungs, immune system, and brain”(procons).The chemicals that marijuana carry goes to the brain and other organs throughout the body. Usually this would cause the brain to function slower. For example , hard time thinking and solving a problem, changes in mood, or impaired body movement. Also causes mental issues such as hallucinations meaning ,imaging things that seem real but are actually not real. Or paranoia is are extremely distrust of…show more content…
Medical marijuana just causes more health issues. Yes I do know that marijuana has its health benefits. But these this doesn 't mean it 's not going to keep you away from getting addicted, causing mood swings or if you smoke it everyday it can cause lung cancer . Instead of marijuana helping you out with an medical conditions you might have, it 's going to lead you to deal with another medical conditions. For instance, Dana from Golden,CO her 13 years old son was disguise seizures, dana came to a decision to give Edward marijuana pills. The marijuana only caused Edward to blank out for about 20 seconds also affect his school work and memory. Marijuana just lend Edward to have more issues apart from what we already had from seizures. Furthermore, why would we want the number of addicters ? " It doesn 't take a rocket scientist to figure out that the more legal and available marijuana becomes, the higher those numbers are going to go”(Hawkins). Marijuana can reduce the pain only it actually doesn’t make the disease go away. “Doctor say the studies that have been done suggest marijuana can benefit patients in the areas of managing neuropathic pain’’(wilde). A research done in 2015 indicate that 30 percent of the current marijuana users habor a use disorder more people are dependent on marijuana than any
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