Essay On Advantages And Disadvantages Of Media Society

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In order for media to be produced, it must be financed. There are three primary ways in which media are financed. The first is through government sponsorship, examples include the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the United States or the British Broadcasting Channel (BBC) in the United Kingdom. The second is through commercial advertisements, the majority of media in the United States are funded by this category. The third is through a pay per view method, some common examples of this would be Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fights or shows that are exclusively on Netflix produced by Netflix such as Stranger Things. Each of these methods has positives and negatives associated with them and in most countries, media is funded through a combination of all three. The proportions, however, vary greatly. This paper will discuss the pros and cons of each of these funding types, as well as, in what proportion I believe each should be in order to form a perfect media society. The first type of funding mentioned…show more content…
Government sponsorship allows more diverse media to be created, because of this my society would follow a model similar to that of the United Kingdom in order to keep the citizens knowledgeable and decrease the information gap between the advantaged and the disadvantaged. Commercial advertising has more cons than pros, however, it is not entirely bad. My society would allow it, however, it would be heavily restricted. Pay-per-view is a promising type of media funding, however, it is not without flaws. Primarily, it has the possibility of leaving out those of lower economic status. Due to this, I would allow it and only intervene if that possibility starts to be a prominent issue. As a whole, this combination would create diverse content for all people of the society and would be viable for citizens and producers
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