Assisted Suicide Pros And Cons

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Although there are many positive aspects of medically assisted suicide, there are also many negative aspects. Those who disagree with assisted suicide feel as though it is unethical. How is it ever right for us to purposefully kill another human being. As a health care providers role, it is their duty to do whatever they can to maintain the wellness of their patient. According to 8 Main Pros and Cons of Legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide (2014), all health care providers must follow the Hippocratic Oath, which in it states that physicians are unable to give deadly medications to a patient, whether requested or not and they aren’t allowed to suggest it to a terminally ill patient either. Agreeing to assisted suicide takes away the original…show more content…
Patients health status’ change constantly and there is no absolute guarantee that they have a certain number of months left to live. Sanders and Buchanan (2012), state the prognosis of a terminal illness is not reliable enough to let that decide whether a patient should have assisted suicide. When there is a chance someone could essentially live longer than the doctor thinks they will, it isn’t ethical to use that as a reason for dying. Another reason assisted suicide is opposed is because we can’t truly determine if it is really the patient’s choice. The whole reason for assisted suicide is so that the patient can ultimately have control over their own life, but it is possible that they may be being influenced by others that they should end their life. There are several cases of elder abuse that happens, especially at older ages, these individuals are extremely influenced by their family. Their family can become very controlling and force their ideas of what is best for them on that individual, even if it goes against what they believe. They could be telling the doctors that it is what they want but it could really just be the influence of the family members. According to Sanders and Buchanan (2012), under the protocol it is ultimately the doctor’s responsibility to decide if this is really what the patient wants for themselves, but the…show more content…
There are numerous people on both ends of the spectrum and both sides have very strong views and opinions on this, which makes it such a controversial topic. While deciding whether or not to make this legal, there are many aspects the states must take into
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