The Pros And Cons Of Medicalization

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In 1970s, medicalization appear through the social scientific literature, medicalization become more common. Medicalization describes a process by which non-medical conditions become defined and treated as medical problems, these problem are known as illness and disorders. People who have illness and disorder are required to have medical treatment or intervention. For examples, medicalization of aging in menopause, andropause and osteoporosis. Medicalization is being more and more serious around the world. And it is also affecting the function of the society and making changes, like increase dominance of doctor, expanding medical domain. Medicalization is related to everyone who live in the world, we might also affect by the new rules or norms caused by medicalization. We should take more attention on this issue and find out the possible solution to the medicalization.…show more content…
And there are some changes on their body, like menstrual changes, autonomic nervous system instability, hot flashes and vaginal dryness. However, many women see menopause as an illness and having treatment for prevention. They will choose to apply the hormonal menopausal therapy in order to solve the problem of menopause. It shows that medicalization redefining the normal phenomenon of aging, changing menopause into an illness. Our Bodies Ourselves, a public interest organization based in Cambridge, Mass, said that people having menopause treatment is because they can get away form the high risk of chronic disease, a lower quality of life and premature death. And the website point out that the pharmaceutical industry are the main influence on menopause medicalization. These pharmaceutical industries give many sponsor to a number of studies on hormones, which influence both the way the studies are done and how the results are interpreted.
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