The Pros And Cons Of Medications

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Medication is used as help to patients who are diagnosed with an illness. Although medicine has been scientifically tested, it does not provide the same effects for every individual. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is a disorder that affects thousands of people around the world, including children. However, there has been much controversy surrounding how a patient with ADHD is treated. When a patient is diagnosed with ADHD, there isn’t a specific set of criteria that has been developed. The effect of this is that many people are being misdiagnosed which will eventually lead these individuals to taking medications that they do not need and could be harmful to their bodies. If an individual is not diagnosed with ADHD, they are at risk for dangers such as heart failure, psychiatric challenges, and the risk of drug abuse if the individual takes medication to treat ADHD but is not diagnosed with ADHD.…show more content…
In the eyes of the public, children and adults with a medical disorder should at least look and appear sick, while many of the main ADHD symptoms are seen to be lively, willful, and buoyant people (Connor, 2011). Furthermore, medications are prescribed to treat illnesses that are supposed to have a different effect in individuals diagnosed with the disorder opposed to healthy individuals. Although some individuals tend to show much more energy than another person, this does not mean that their actions directly display symptoms of ADHD. With this understanding, there could many children in the United States who are forced to take provided medication prescribed by a doctor that could drastically transforms their attitude, energy, and feelings because they are believed to be diagnosed with ADHD even when they do not have the

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