The Pros And Cons Of Meditation

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Okay here goes the long answer. Getting into a deep state in meditation is hard on it's own, but there's a bunch of stuff that can make things harder than they should be. Consider the following things if you want to "endure" longer, especially as a beginner. 1. Comfort. If you're sitting in an uncomfortable chair or are generally in an uncomfortable position, there's no use in meditating. Senses (especially touches, small pains and itching) get so much more intense in meditation, that the smallest discomfort in the beginning becomes the most annoying thing in the meditation. So at first, get into a comfortable position before you start. Many say you should sit straight, but I've had some of my best meditation sessions while laying down. Therefore I wont advice towards sitting or laying down specifically. Distractions. Especially noises. I don't get why apps or…show more content…
To understand the following advices, I'll have to explain a few "happenings" in meditation first. When you mediate, you'll encounter alot that makes you want to stop the meditation process. This starts with the stuff your body does. It will start itching or hurt in some places. Why is this hindering? Because it makes you move, when you react to it. Scratch the itch, you move. Move your feet to get rid of the pain in the leg, you move. Why shouldn't you move? In meditation you want to "let go" of the world around you, including your thoughts and also your body. You let go off your body, by getting it to sleep (not your awareness, you'll be awake... almost similiar to sleep paralysis). If you move (even just sometimes and only for a short period) you'll stop your body from falling asleep. What will happen if you endure long enough without moving, is that your body falls asleep while youre still wide awake. That's the state in which you can truly watch your own breath without changing into "manual breathing mode" while doing so. To watch oneself "sleeping" is an astounding

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