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Definition and deliberation of Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Excel is kind of software application that commonly used in majority of the organization. Albright, Winston and Zappe (2004) stated that a lot of the employees and students have been trained in Excel, the most company apply Microsoft Excel,Excel is very powerful, flexible and easy-to-use package. It is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Spreadsheet is refers to the a grid which is the system of numbered squares for map references that organize data into column and rows. This makes it easy to display information and insert formula to work with data.
Microsoft Excel is refers to the spreadsheet program that used to arrange, adjust and evaluate the information. Excel is commonly applied in
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This is because even after attended training program but not everyone can become the “ power user”. There are people business word know the basic features of Microsoft Excel . This is because the direction provided in the Microsoft Excel not clear. User can only know the way to use some basic function in Microsoft Excel.

On the other hand, the negative impact of using Microsoft Excel also include file format issue. The user can save the workbooks in several different Excel file format. Earlier versions of Excel might not be able to workbook that were saved in the later version’s file format (Walkenbach, 2010). In addition, the user may experience file crash every time he or she start Microsoft Excel workbook. This is also one of the negative impact of using Microsoft Excel in the organization.

Besides, Microsoft Excel also have limited rows and column. This is also one of the negative impact of using Microsoft Excel in the

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