The Pros And Cons Of Microwave Radiation

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As the decades have passed by, slowly every household has come to own one. And now many cannot survive without it. This machine has so intervened with our lives that it has become a norm to essentially everyone. Causing cancer, damaging human tissues, the microwave has become the culprit. It comes in various designs and sizes, made of metal and plastic, and is now a standard appliance in homes. Despite its convenience, many people have no comprehension of the risks it poses to our food and health. Hence the name, the microwave oven uses microwaves which are a form of an electromagnetic field (Slocum). If these waves stayed only within the microwave, there wouldn’t be much of a health hazard, but unfortunately, these waves permeate out and the radiation spreads out across the entire house,…show more content…
Microwaves use radiation to cook your food, and surprisingly, this radiation “has enough energy to damage DNA and cause cancer” (Rolfo). If these radiation waves stayed inside the microwave, then there wouldn’t be a problem, but they don’t. When radiation enters your body, it does not eventually go away, but instead, it builds up over time until your body cannot cope with the amount of radiation. It is important to realize that “each exposure to radiation builds up in our body and the risk of cancer increases with each radiation exposure” (Bromberg and Covarrubias). Throughout your lifetime, as you are exposed to this radiation from your microwave, it slowly adds up and increases your risk for cancer. The times when humans are most vulnerable to microwave radiation is during childhood and puberty since their bodies are still developing. Keeping young ones away from your microwave at all times would issue the best outcomes. As a result, throwing your microwave away altogether would be the best approach to saving yourself from the treacherous disease of

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