The Pros And Cons Of Military Conscription In The United States?

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Rough Draft: Military Conscription in the United States
Throughout the history of the United States, military drafts have failed to produce their desired effect. Mandatory military service inherently causes an increased military presence, especially within a country containing extensive involvement with foreign affairs. Controversy has historically surrounded military drafts in the United States as often, the wealthy have been successful in avoiding service. Because the issues surrounding a military draft outweigh the pros, the concept of military conscription has become unpopular and the United State 's military has proven itself effective with the current system based on voluntary service. Therefore, the United States should not adopt military conscription because not only would it provoke an increased number of military conflicts and inequality, but also would be unpopular and unnecessary. The United States military has been involved in foreign wars since World War 1. Following World War 1, The United States abandoned its historical Isolationism and became a dominant player on the world stage. This policy, however, has caused many controversial incidents in international territory. Such incidents included the introduction of Japan to trade with the United States. In short, to obtain trade relations with Japan, Commodore Perry was sent to Japan with several US Navy warships to encourage the emperor toward trade relations. While this has little relevance to military
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