Fred Koreatsu Case Analysis

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Are we all treated the same? In an effort to remain home and stay at his job Fred Korematsu has been charged with violating military order. With conflicts today being merely a replay from the past we assume that this man was wrongly accused. As our population begins to trust less in the government we are creating more and more people willing to fight them in court to reap the benefits. In this paper we will learn more about the case, the overall ruling, and my thoughts on the ruling. As we are entering World War II, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066 on February 19, 1942. This order authorized the armed forces to remove people of Japanese descent from areas they've proclaimed to be military property. While the idea behind it was to place a ban on Japanese aliens and Japanese-American…show more content…
In this case, the court ruled that the evacuation order which was violated by Korematsu was valid, and although “The constitutional issues should be addressed… it is clear that the “martial necessity arising from the danger of espionage and sabotage” warranted the military evacuation order.” As stated by Justice Frankfurter. In opposing thoughts, The Dissenting opinion written by Justice Jackson reads, "Korematsu ... has been convicted of an act not commonly thought a crime. It consists merely of being present in the state whereof he is a citizen, near the place where he was born, and where all his life he has lived.” Although this court case was finalized with Fred Korematsu being guilty, this case has sparked interest in the minds of thousands and whether they agree or disagree I will always agree with the second ruling. I do not see their plan of segregating the Japanese-Americans beneficial, due to the fact most of them have lived here their whole life. American citizens were made to be free and this order has done nothing but strip the citizens of their own
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