The Pros And Cons Of Miranda Warning

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you, are you will to answer my questions without an attorney present? (Gardner & Anderson, 2013)
One of the biggest controversies surrounding Miranda warnings is that it has caused great difficulty to law enforcement officer’s efforts in controlling crimes. At times, it now appears that are police officers have their hands tied in things that they can and can’t do while at a crime scene. Another controversial issue with the Miranda warnings is whether or not they should be given to terrorists. With the many recent terrorists attacks that have occurred over the years, the debate of whether non Americans should be read Miranda warning is a controversy that has raged on. The issue at hand that has caused much controversy is whether the United
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After a consent search has been given that then makes everything that the police officer finds admissible evidence. A warrantless search can also apply if it falls under the Plain View Doctrine. The Plain View Doctrine deals with evidence of criminal activity that a police officer can see prior to entering or conducting an initial search. If criminal activity is observed, then a police officer may enter without a search warrant. Another reason why a police officer may be able to conduct a warrantless search is due to an emergency exception. A warrantless search may also be conducted if the police officer deems that someone’s safety is in question or that criminal activity is occurring at that time. Of the three warrantless search requirements that I mentioned, the last two are ones that have been subject to a lot of controversy recently. The Plain View Doctrine is pretty simple to understand but the judgment call or the honesty of the police officer is what is in question. It has happened in previous cases in the past that corrupt officers will say that they saw something or smelled something as the defendant opened the door so that they can go in and
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