The Pros And Cons Of Misconceptions

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Every person in the world has different characteristics which set them apart from everyone else. It is the misinterpretations of these different characteristics that will lead to misunderstandings of who someone is. Not being able to fully understand who someone is will call for misconceptions and stereotypes will be created. These two types of ideas are an overgeneralization of who someone, or a group of people are. Misconceptions and stereotypes come from people who do not truly understand other people. Overtime, faulty ideas about who the youngest female child of a family have come about. The role of the youngest female child is often times given a bad rap, however, the person behind the stereotypes is a prosperous woman with a lifestyle full of breaking stereotypes and misconceptions. Stereotypes and misconceptions are both terms that describe an idea about a group not the entirety of the truth. A stereotype will have some part of the truth within it however it has evolved to become an over-generalized statement. A stereotype would be saying that women are not as smart as men. While in one point of time this was true, since women did not have all the education opportunities. This no longer retains the reality it one had. Misconceptions are commonly mistaken as stereotypes, however, the main difference between the two is a misconception is brought out of thin air. There is not one piece of evidence to support a misconception. One would be stated a misconception by

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