The Pros And Cons Of Mixed Martial Arts

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MMA a new sport called Mixed Martial Arts has found not only friends, but also numerous critics. MMA is a combat sport that was born in the nineties with the aim to find a complete and effective fighter. As previously wrestlers who had a combat style in which only used beating saw their completely sterile techniques against a grip or a dislocation. MMA is a brutal sport where two fighters fight in a cage with hardly any rules or protections. The same fighters in the techniques were based on projections and detention, because they did not know to react to a blow mode. MMA are based, as the name suggests on a mixture of different martial arts responding to the need to master the 3 most important phases of modern combat which are boxing, Thai boxing and karate. Also, there are martial arts on the ground are needed such as Roman Wrestling and JJB. Mixed Martial Arts has gone under many accusations of being a sport which cause violence among people such as bullying. Also, in each fight every wrestler get an injury whether it’s a minor injury such as scars or major injuries such as concussion and broken ribs. However, MMA should be banned from being considered as a sport as it causes psychological effects to the wrestlers, which results in a long-term injuries that might lead to death. First of All, Mixed Martial Arts should be ought and not be considered as sport. MMA is particular sport that influence individuals to solve their issues through aggression. Although MMA

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