Uses And Abuses Of Mobile Phone Essay

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When contacting someone on a cell phone, it is a lot more complicated than just dialing someones number and calling them. Just texting that person takes a lot of steps just to send one letter to your friend. When using a cell phone you are using radio waves. What even is a wave? A wave is a periodic change in a disturbance of particles that are making a rippling or vibrating motion. There are a lot of different types of waves that do different things. Some are harmful, like gamma waves, or radio waves that are very safe to humans. Let’s say you want to call your friend who is across the state. When you dial your friend's number and start talking to your friend. You probably think that your voice just automatically travels to your…show more content…
Then the tower reflects the message to the receiver in their phone. The receiver then reads the wave and displays it in your phone. If humans did not have cell phones then we would not be able to communicate as easily. If we want to tell someone something in a different state it could take weeks for them to answer because we would have to write a letter, then we would have to mail it to them. Then after the letter finally arrives they would have to reply back. This takes a lot longer then just calling or texting you friend on your cell phone. If an enemy of the United States were to send a missile towards us it would be a lot harder to let people know what was happening. This would cause there to be a lot more casualties. Resulting in a huge problem for the U.S.. The U.S. is so large that it would be very hard for the government to warn anyone if something disastrous was about to happen. So by using waves in cell phones we are able to communicate with people almost anywhere in the world. As long as the person you are trying to communicate with has reception and so do you. You should be able to talk to them. You can send them a text or call them. It creates a lot of convenience for
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