The Pros And Cons Of Modern Day Slavery

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One can see by looking at statistics that slavery is at an all time high across the world; many children and adults alike are contrived into different forms of slavery. Most of this concomitant slavery is focused in the United States, but it also happens in other countries such as Thailand and India. Modern day slavery has become a reliable source for get workers around the world, but that does the mean that it is the right way. By looking at the different types of modern day slavery, learning about why it is happening, and looking at ways to stop the issue, one will realize how important it is to put a stop to modern day slavery.
One of the most important steps to terminating modern day slavery is learning about the many diversified business these people are working in. One of the most prevalent forms of modern day slavery is forced labor. Research has shown that over 20 million people around the world are employed in the forced labor industry. These people gravitate to work in the fishing and agricultural corporations, because they need the most workers for the company to thrive. Slaves in today 's age tend to be hired because they are economical and effortlessly accessible to get to. Another example of modern day slavery is child labor. “Child labor is the enslavement (i.e., sale, trafficking, debt bondage, serfdom, compulsory labor) of anyone under the age of 18” (Cazzie Reyes). Many children in foreign countries are forced to work many hours a day with little to no
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