The Pros And Cons Of Modern Feminism

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T he last few decades of feminism has harmed women more than helped them. Do you really believe that modern-day feminism is the same as the “feminism” movement that was created back in the 19th century? I think not. Traditional feminism is immensely different from modern-day feminism. According to Oxford Dictionary, it is "the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes." Modern-day feminism does not represent equality between the sexes. It has become pro-women and anti-men. It has become the opposite of gender equality. As Emma Watson, HeForShe Ambassador has said, "fighting for women's rights became synonymous with man-hating." Feminism has been the main force behind major social and political changes. It started…show more content…
Many women believe that modern-day feminism has become a way of victimizing women and vilifying men. A group of women created an online blog on Tumblr called “Women Against Feminism” to share their opinions. Some think this is a movement of hatred towards men. Many hate to be identified as a “feminists” because of the radicals who have ruined the movement by their extremist actions. For example, many feminists are embracing their misandry as a response to some of misogynists. Leading Feminist pundit Jessica Valenti recently shared a photo on the Internet of herself in a t-shirt that said, "I bathe in male tears." Being hostile to men and not expecting men to do the same back is just…show more content…
The way people use this word nowadays does not comply with its original meaning. There might be no official new definition of feminism in a dictionary, however third-wave feminists are not afraid to scream it out loud. Modern feminism does not stand for gender equality, but it’s the belief in women’s superior over men. Feminism should live up to its goal. It should not be about shifting power so that women are on top, it's about noticing the clear disadvantages and discrimination women face and aiming to solve that. Not only that, but people like famous author Bell Hooks and others have proclaimed that since feminism seeks gender equality, it must “necessarily include men’s liberation” because men are also affected by sexism and gender

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