The Pros And Cons Of Moon Landings

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Some people think the moon landings are real, some think that they were faked, no one really knows for sure.

Today, I am going to prove that the moon landings were faked/staged by stating my opinion, facts, and evidence. In the end to hopefully persuade you to think that the moon landings were faked.

My reason for not choosing to persuade you that the moon landings were real was I do not believe it myself and I choose to think throughout this hypnotizing topic and all of the different ways that the moon landings could have been staged. Just the time period itself that we “supposedly” made it to the moon itself is absurd, the Russians were farther ahead than the U.S were. They had more advanced technology at the time, this should have made
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And the mirror that people had said that SCIENTISTS placed on the moon even though it was not a mirror it was a piece of metal that was placed a 19 degree angle the laser that scientists placed to reflect off of the moon to be sent back to earth to prove we had went to the moon. If we had gone to the moon, we would have brought metal to the moon to where it becomes uncontrollably then why did the metal not melt? And the other countries were tracking them, who’s to say that we didn’t somehow jam the signal or re-route the power? Later on in the moon launch, the U.S was making steady progress, The ship was shown rotating in space! How was the ship rotating in space if there is no air in space? The rockets could have potentially caused the rotation, but at the same time, the ship was being cooled with nitrogen that was stable enough not to freeze it when it was time to launch, The ship was kept in a pod right up until liftoff, this was to prevent shaking,shuddering, and potential failure of Apollo 11. But at the same time it puts a question into my head: If The ship was being cooled with nitrogen, How did the rocket fuel not get frozen and end up burning out too quickly? This is answered by the fact of matter, the gasoline was at the same time cooling and heating up, The metal was causing it to be trapped and the sun was heating the metal trapping the heat inside, mixed with the nitrogen, This would equal into having a steady flow of gasoline throughout the launch to guarantee a durable time to have gasoline for both the
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