Multiculturalism In Criminal Justice Case Study

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Burns believes that multiculturalism divides people because it allows different cultures to coexist with each other. Each culture has its own way of thinking, therefore they are prone to have differences between cultures if they don’t have the same ideology. This creates cultures to separate themselves and not be united as people really think. Moreover, multiculturalism also fosters discrimination. This is because multiculturalism segregates people into categories or groups. This results in making distinctions between groups, provoking hatred between cultures. What reasons does Burns offer to explain the different perception blacks and whites have of police officers? Be Specific Low-income communities tend to have more contact with the police.…show more content…
Explain how these factors shape perceptions of Hispanics by other racial groups? Two factors that contribute to Hispanics overrepresentation in the Criminal Justice System are the incarceration for low-level drug offenses and overcriminalizing certain behaviors. The perception of society towards Hispanics is that they are responsible for the majority of the drug crimes. Therefore, law enforcers are giving Hispanics time behind bars to Hispanics for low-level drug offenses. Also, overcriminalizing certain behaviors are set in order to deter certain offences within this community. More arrest are being made in order to stop drug offenses. The law enforcer mentality is, giving harsher sentences to a specific behavior, it will make offenders think twice when planning on doing the same behavior. This is an offences that law enforcers have made, in order to deter the war on drugs. However, it is provoking the overrepresentation of Hispanics in the Criminal Justice…show more content…
Education has always been an issue because Natives see education as a form of assimilating into the U.S. culture. This issue has affected many Native Americans because with low education they can only get recruited into low-income jobs. Even though, Natives receive grants from the government, most of them don’t know how to benefit from it and end up committing crimes because of money shortage. Also, alcoholism negatively impact the lives of Natives in reservations. Alcoholism provokes Natives American to be involved in car accidents and in many cases, resulting on their deaths. Alcohol, also provokes rapes, homicides and suicide inside reservations. It is said that the reason why most of Native Americans use alcohol, is because of the land they lost against the U.S.. What they are not realizing is that alcohol is killing them and increasing violence inside their

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