The Pros And Cons Of Multinational Corporation

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Introduction Up and down are always happen in people’s life. Like a wheel, it will turn round. Sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down. Same way as a company, it starts from beginning, find people who have same vision and mission to make the company go forward. Company is build by someone or some group of people that do production, distribution, and start from build the company in one area until spread into another area. If the company already spread to another area, we can call the company as the foreign company or multinational corporation (MNC). Well, Multinational Corporation is an international or transnational company that headquartered in one country but branches in some developed and developing countries. For example are Google, Exxon, Samsung, Indofood, McDonalds, Unilever, Microsoft, H&M, Blackberry, and etc. The MNCs run in many aspects, such as technology, food and beverages, fashion, industry, and etc. A company will be called as MNC based on the advantages of building the productions and other actions in foreign locations. Companies globalize their activities to supply the domestic market in their countries, and also to serve foreign markets directly. Protecting the foreign actions within the corporate structure allows the companies to avoid the inherent costs by the intermediaries, with a separate entity while utilizing the knowledge of their own companies. Many multinational corporations come up and compete one and another to win the market. To build
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