The Pros And Cons Of Multiplex Parenting

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A group of British researchers and administrators told MPs that the creation of three-parents babies is safe, ethical and inconsequential. This is called mitochondrial transfer. It is called that because mitochondria swim around the nucleus. Almost all of a cell’s DNA is in the nucleus and only about one percent is in the mitochondria. If there was a defect in the mother’s mitochondria, the child has a possibility of inheriting defects. A woman that lives in London, has a baby that is ten months old that has Leigh’s syndrome. The cause was likely caused by a flaw in the mother 's mitochondrial DNA. The defect results in lesions on the brain and the baby will more than likely die at infancy. The problem with this disease and mitochondrial diseases is there is no cure. This is why scientists are trying to get…show more content…
The media does not agree with this and calls them three-parent babies and do no not how children would feel about having three parents. This would also be the start to the age of genetic engineering and the first time scientists have changed the human germ line. John Harris and two colleges shared their process called multiplex parenting which involves four or more genetic parents. There are many positives to this process. A few are, there is a possibility or no need for vaccines, children would still be brought into the world, it would help men who could not produce visible sperm, women with premature menopause, people who have lost gonads, and people who have been involuntarily sterilised. This could also help people who are gay or lesbian couples that would like to have their own children that are related to them. It could help single individuals who do not wish to have a partner although it may not be exactly safe. The creator of multiplex described it as a generational shortcut. Another scientist is coming up the the in vitro
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