The Pros And Cons Of Music Production

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There are limitless jobs that can link to music production. Of course, the first job that comes to mind would be a music producer, or a record producer. Producers has to be a creative leader and requires performing experience, along with a great depth of musical, acoustical and studio technical understanding. A club DJ is another job that is very similar to being a producer, except club DJs spends a portion of their time making appearances and performing, while producers spend most of their time in the studio. Producers work frequently with, or are closely related to everyone else holding jobs related to music production, as listed below:

1) Singer (Vocalist): Sings the main vocal line of the song, the main focus of the performance.
2) Background
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Works closely with songwriters, lyricists, recording artistes.
9) Music Therapist: Uses musical performances, music lessons, songwriting, and music listening to help improve the client's emotional, physical, cognitive, and social wellbeing.
10) Session Musician: Backs up another musician or artiste during live performances or in the studio. Must be able to perform a wide range of genres. 5.2 Studying Music Production
Focusing mainly on Singapore, it is quite difficult to get a paper qualification in the area of music or audio production. There are limited schools which provide a diploma or a degree, unlike other courses like finance and accounting, and engineering.

1) School of Music and the Art (SOMA):
SOMA provides several diploma courses, such as in music production and engineering, in songwriting and production. They also provide certificate courses for songwriting, audio engineering, electronic music production, pop music arranging, as well as lyric writing for both English and Mandarin. They also offer a 12-hour audio engineering certificate course where students can learn all the fundamentals of audio engineering concepts.
2) Singapore Polytechnic, School of Digital Media and Infocomm Technology
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However, as much as skills and knowledge are needed in this art form, the key to doing it well is passion. It is one's passion for music that makes one want to create it. Fed with an insatiable desire to learn more about the art of music production, this passion allows an amateur producer to advance along the road to becoming an established producer at a faster pace than an amateur producer who aims to become a professional producer for the sake of its title or the salary the job

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