The Pros And Cons Of NFL Protests

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Many NFL players have started taking a knee during the National Anthem before their games as a way of protesting. Some teams haven’t even come out onto the field during the anthem. These protests were started and lead by former pro quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The players are protesting mostly because of social and racial issues, they aren’t proud of a country that doesn’t treat people of color fairly. President Donald Trump is definitely not very happy about these protests, saying that the players are disrespecting our flag and should be suspended or fired. People against these protests also believe that by taking a knee during the anthem the players are disrespecting the military and all of the sacrifices they make for our country. There have been several veterans, though, who have spoken out and said that they agree with and are on the protester’s side. Others say they will never watch the NFL again, because they do not want to support anything disrespecting America. NFL players have the freedom of speech and protest rights so they are able to speak out against…show more content…
Yeah, I understand why they want to protest and make themselves heard, but they are doing it in an incredibly disrespectful way. I’m sure there are plenty of other ways they could think of to get their message across, but what they’re doing is just really unnecessary. By kneeling during the national anthem, the players are being very rude to all of the brave men and women who have risked their lives and died fighting for and defending America. If it wasn’t for these people, the NFL wouldn’t exist and those players wouldn’t have jobs, and especially wouldn’t be making the millions of dollars that they do. I don’t think the NFL was trying to be offensive towards the military, but they were and it’s not okay. I just hope that the citizens of America can move past this, and then we can focus once again on becoming the very best country we can
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