The Pros And Cons Of National Security

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1. “Security, in a broader definition of the term, is considered as against unwanted foreign intrusion: defence of physical and psychological security, of economic interests of language and cultures” (Wallace, 2002).
2. Security also define as ‘a low probability of damage to acquired values’ broadens the minimal and problematic realist identification with survival by specifying the values meant to be protected when this latter is assured (Baldwin, 1997).
3. The security debate has for too long focused on military threats towards the state and the non traditional threat issues such as environment, trade, transnational crime, human security, etc. have not been seen as potential security threats (Deutsch et al., 1957). One important reason for
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However, security is not necessarily linked to survival but rather to the possibility of freely pursuing independence or protecting basic internal interests. “Genuine security requires not only the absence of or protection against a military threat, but also the management of a multitude of risks concerning the political economic, and social well-being of states and their peoples” (Aftendorn, Keohane & Wallander, 1999).
5. Therefore, according to Baldwin, economic security, environmental security, identity security, social security and military security are different forms of security, not fundamentally different concepts” (Baldwin, 1997).
5. There were three dimenstions of national security have risen up recently. First one is the strategic dimension which usually the traitional security, for example military movement to defend country from external agreesion. The regime dimension is about the orevention from internal domestic conflict and fights. The last dimesion of national security covers the balance between a state‘s population and its resource management (food, water, living space) (Parnini, 2012).
6. Therefore, the exodus of Rohingyas generated these security dimensions in Bangladesh either by creating new security threats or by aggravating existing ones causing strained bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Myanmar (Jacobsen and Wilkenson,
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